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Dittor Social Release V3.0(Android)

November, 11, 2017
Dittor Version 3.0 Released
- Added VIP account
Once purchasing VIP, you can view all friends' photos, send friends gifts and tranlate all texts on Dittor.
- Added Dittor coins feature.
Dittor You can fulfil tasks on Dittor to earn the coins, such as uploading photos, commenting a post, etc.
- Added Dittor Props
You can exchange Dittor Props with Dittor coins.
Nov 2017
February, 02,2016
Dittor Version 1.2.1 Released
- Added Share Feature
You can share the interesting posts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
- Improved Notification Feature
Now you will get the notifications when others replied you or dittoed you.
- Fixed Other Bugs
Feb 2016
January, 15, 2016
Dittor Version 1.2.0 Released
- Live Feed from Others
Your posts are listed by time. You can see the live feed easily from others who is doing or thinking the same thing as you are.
- Newly Added Me Panel
Me panel control allows you to manage your posts such as pinning to top or deleting a post.
- My Profiles in Settings
We moved my profiles including username, avatar, unread comments and unread ditto to Settings.
- Default Settings Added
Default settings is added which allow you to restore to the default status whenever you changed your settings.
- Improved Display without Image Mode
Using display without image mode you can view all post in texts without image.
- Fixed Other Bugs
Jan 2016
October, 13, 2015
Dittor Version 1.0.0 Released
October, 13, 2015-- today we announce the first publishing of Dittor application for Android based mobile device. It is a cross-platform mobile anonymous social network which allows you to reach others doing or thinking the same exact thing as you are.
Oct 2015