Dittor - Support


Why I have a random user name?
In order to simplify the registration, you need only enter the basic information, email address, password, for instance. We pick a random user name, Character portraits and background picture for you when you register your account.

How do I edit my profile?
After the registration complete, in the “Myself” page, you are able to change the basic information that include the nick name, character portraits, and background photo.

I forgot my password, what can I do?
If you have forgotten your password, no need to worry, you click on the “Forget password” option in the login page to reset your password. You will be required to enter your email address in the process.

How to post a message?
It’s quite simply to post a message. In the main page, touch the Pencil icon, and then you will be able to type a message which can be words and photos. If you post words only, our system will pick a photo from our database to match your message. Furthermore, you are allowed to tap to toggle the background photo unless you get the one you prefer.

Can I upload photos from my mobile?
Of course, you can upload photos from your mobile. Just feel free to share your gorgeous photo.

Can I chat with other one in private? Can I add friends in Dittor?
Dittor provides the feature that allows users to chat in private. If you want to keep in close contact with a person, you can add him or her as your friend.